nancy (twinkieluv) wrote in bluetheband,

i dont know how many members still read this or still keep up with blue but it's so dead!! are there any other communities out there i could join instead?

so i dont know if u guys heard but they had to cancel all their recent tour dates.

dated feb 24
Blue have today announced that their "Best Of Blue" tour, due to take place in March and April 2005, has been cancelled. Lee has been advised by throat specialists in Los Angeles that he must rest his voice for six to eight weeks because he has developed nodules on his throat. The band are extremely disappointed and saddened to cancel the tour. The band are also upset that their fans have had to endure the frustration of not knowing whether the tour would be going ahead over the past few weeks and would like to apologise for keeping them waiting - every possibility was explored and second medical opinions sought before coming to the sad decision to have to cancel the tour.

Lee says, "I am gutted and very sorry to disappoint all our fans. The situation is unavoidable as I have been told by doctors that if the tour takes place I risk permanently damaging my voice. It's terrible timing and I'm very upset."

Blue's management are exploring possibly rescheduling the dates for later in the year, however ticket holders who to wish to obtain a refund should return their tickets to the point of purchase with a covering letter.

dated feb 28
Vocal Nodules Explained

Blue HQ has been besieged by worried fans after the cancellation of the Best of Blue tour due to Lee developing nodules on his vocal chords. We would like to assure everybody who has expressed their concern that this is a common complaint in singers and is no way life-threatening.

Vocal nodules are small swellings that develop approximately one third of the way along the length of the vocal cords and particularly affect those who use the higher registers during singing. In order for the swellings to subside Lee has been advised by specialists to rest his voice for six to eight weeks, after which time he will be back with the voice we all know and love.

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